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VAE device company formerly known as a specialist group of the Hanoi University of Technology, since 1995 they have researched, designed, built many systems ease of automation for many plants and factories (nh Hoa Binh hydropower plant, Uong Bi thermal power plant, Pha Lai Thermal Power NM, Bai Bang paper mill, cement plant in Ha Tien II, House of Moy Farm culvert, etc.) in puffer fish, especially They are the shining pioneering design, manufacture and successfully tested the control system excitation generator Thyristor notification issued by the top-level topics directly applicable to the Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant. From 2003 to now they have participated in many contracts for provision and installation of control cabinet stimulus generator for the Hoa Binh Hydro Power Plant worth tens of trillions. However, during his father is a formal organization for the stability of their work so they signed on a number of different units such as:

Steam Turbines and Gas Turbines
Equipment redundancy and the need for power plant
Disc valves are manufactured domestically manufactured
Control System Automation

Equipment Joint Stock Company Vietnam Eurasian Hydropower (VAE) has signed the contract and carry out the installation, consulting and construction of water supply and sewerage works for residential living Industrial Zone in Thanh Hoa Nghi Profile...

Wastewater treatment facilities in Nghi Son industrial zone - Thanh Hoa has been a joint stock company VAE successfully installed and have been put into use. This is one of the posts of the water treatment load is applied advanced technologies and...

Ban Ve hydropower project is the Government's investment focus, built in Nghe An, a major hydropower projects, multi-purpose.

The principal parameters:
Nam Chien hydropower projects with installed capacity of 200 MW proposed plant, when completed will provide an annual 814 million kWh to the national grid to contribute to ensuring national energy security and North-West region. Projects with total investment...
Plant Se San 3A Hydropower construction in the territory of Ia Grai district, Gia Lai province. The factory was started in October 4 / 2003 with total investment of 1864 billion, the Investment Corporation and Se San 3A power development as an investor....