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VAE device company formerly known as a specialist group of the Hanoi University of Technology, since 1995 they have researched, designed, built many systems ease of automation for many plants and factories (nh Hoa Binh hydropower plant, Uong Bi thermal power plant, Pha Lai Thermal Power NM, Bai Bang paper mill, cement plant in Ha Tien II, House of Moy Farm culvert, etc.) in puffer fish, especially They are the shining pioneering design, manufacture and successfully tested the control system excitation generator Thyristor notification issued by the top-level topics directly applicable to the Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant. From 2003 to now they have participated in many contracts for provision and installation of control cabinet stimulus generator for the Hoa Binh Hydro Power Plant worth tens of trillions. However, during his father is a formal organization for the stability of their work so they signed on a number of different units such as:

Steam Turbines and Gas Turbines
Provide electrical synchronous motor Hydropower Plant Ta Sa - Cao Bang
Wind power wind power potential Vietnam
Equipment redundancy and the need for power plant
Vietnam has the potential of Southeast Asia's largest wind. It is a detailed survey of wind energy in Southeast Asia of the World Bank assessment program for the Asian energy. Accordingly, the total wind power potential in Vietnam is estimated to reach 513,360 MW ie by more than 200 times the capacity of the Son La hydroelectric power, and more than 10 times projected total capacity of the electricity industry in 2020.
Of course the potential to move from theory into potential can be exploited, to the technical potential, and ultimately the economic potential is a long story, but that does not preclude our consideration lens due to large potential for wind energy in our country.

According to research by the World Bank (WB), the two most abundant potential for wind energy development in our country is the Son Hai (Ninh Thuan) and the sand hills at an altitude of 60-100m to the West Ham Tien Mui Ne (Binh Thuan). Wind region not only has average speed but also has other advantages. That is the number of storms and wind sector is less stable trend. These are favorable conditions for developing wind energy. During the monsoon months, the percentage of South and Southeast winds up to 98% with an average speed of 6-7m / s, ie velocity can build the wind farm capacity from 3 to 3.5 MW.

The fact that people in Ninh Thuan region has also made a number of small wind generators for lighting. In both areas, sparsely populated, dry weather and extreme heat are ethnic difficulties.

Biggest drawback of wind energy is dependent on weather conditions and wind regimes. So, according to experts, when designers need a very detailed study about the wind regime, terrain and wind without the disorder (negative influence to the transmitter).

Due to these reasons are dependent on environmental conditions as above, but wind energy has become increasingly popular and important but can not be the main energy source.

However, the ability to combine wind and hydroelectric energy storage re-open opportunities for Vietnam. On the one hand, can diversify the sources of energy, combining the traditional energy sources with clean renewable energy source with reasonable costs and on the other can exploit the strengths, and limitations of each energy source and take advantage of this energy source in relation to complement each other.

A point to note is the possibility of wind farm will cause noise pollution during operation, and can disrupt the natural landscape and affect the signal of the radio waves if the elements of techniques are not properly concerned. Thus, when the construction of wind power needed to calculate a reasonable distance to residential areas and resorts that will not cause negative impacts.

Unlike nuclear power always required a technical process and very strict supervision, construction and installation of wind power does not require such rigorous procedures. TS.Vu Thanh Tu An and Quang Minh Dam, the specialists said that wind power with wind power development experience of the successful countries in the world, with its geographical advantages in terms of Vietnam, we are possible development of wind energy to contribute to the overall development of the economy. "Will Vietnam be a short-cut the lead in developing energy resources depends heavily on the decision today." Day 2.10, Office H. Tuy Phong People's Committee (Binh Thuan), said Duong Thanh Thien, all five of the wind turbine project (DA) wind Binh Thanh, H. Tuy Phong and official activities generator into the national grid system (5 turbines with a total capacity of 7.5 megawatts, cost nearly 817 billion).
This is phase one of the largest wind power project in Southeast Asia by the Joint Stock Company Vietnam Renewable Energy (REVN) as an investor, such a part of phase 1 of a wind power project has been completed, Phase 1 is expected of a wind power project will continue to install 15 turbines also lai.tu end of the year 2009 will continue to install seven more turbines put into operation, the national grid

Ten years ago wind power development mutation, first of all, the reason lies in the risk of energy crisis of the developed countries. On the other hand, the increasing concern of these countries on environmental protection has to add strength to efforts to find renewable energy sources with environmentally friendly, in which wind power is an obvious brightest candidate. Germany is the leading accounting for more than 30% of the total wind power capacity of the world. Then Spain and the United States.

In England, the number of turbines, wind power generation installations will continue to increase for at least four years, despite protest because they cause noise and aesthetic manner. This will cause the growth of wind power industry will increase faster than expected. Scotland's own wind energy could increase the most, with an output of about 6000 MW in 2010 that is nearly 10 times compared with about 665 MW this year. The wind-powered turbines on land currently provides electricity to about 3 million households in the UK and accounts for 5% of total electricity production in this country.

In European countries, wind power plants do not need to invest in land to build the turbine stations that lease land from farmers immediately. Land rent is about 20% operating cost often help bring a stable income source for farmers, while the cultivated area is not affected.