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VAE device company formerly known as a specialist group of the Hanoi University of Technology, since 1995 they have researched, designed, built many systems ease of automation for many plants and factories (nh Hoa Binh hydropower plant, Uong Bi thermal power plant, Pha Lai Thermal Power NM, Bai Bang paper mill, cement plant in Ha Tien II, House of Moy Farm culvert, etc.) in puffer fish, especially They are the shining pioneering design, manufacture and successfully tested the control system excitation generator Thyristor notification issued by the top-level topics directly applicable to the Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant. From 2003 to now they have participated in many contracts for provision and installation of control cabinet stimulus generator for the Hoa Binh Hydro Power Plant worth tens of trillions. However, during his father is a formal organization for the stability of their work so they signed on a number of different units such as:

Equipment redundancy and the need for power plant
Disc valves are manufactured domestically manufactured
Provide electrical synchronous motor Hydropower Plant Ta Sa - Cao Bang
Steam Turbines and Gas Turbines
Ban Ve hydropower project is the Government's investment focus, built in Nghe An, a major hydropower projects, multi-purpose.

The principal parameters:
+ Length of the dam according to peak: 509 m

+ Largest dam height: 137 m

+ Normal water level: 200 m

+ Water Reservoir capacity: 1.8 billion m3

+ Number of units: 2 groups

+ Design capacity: 320 MW

+ Type of dam: BT roller compaction water tunnels open NM

+ Time of construction: Started in 2005 to 2009

+ Digging Volume: 3,787,103 m3 of rock

+ Concrete Pour concrete openings: 357,600 m3

+ Underground Concrete: 51,300 m3

+ RCC: 1464. 103 m3

+ Drilling spray: 16,103 m long

+ Installation of hydraulic equipment: 2,496 tons

+ Installation of hydraulic equipment: 3,100 tons

· Total investment: USD 5,740 billion

Nghe An province has the largest natural area along the river network density. These rivers originate from the "roof" Truong Son with many stairs, steep slopes can create waterfalls, flood aggressive, threatening the lives of the people of the rainy season, but this is also a potential tremendous energy to hydropower development. Ban Ve hydropower projects by the Government is focusing investment and construction. This is the largest hydropower projects in North Central with a capacity of 320 MW, has been short line on 26-12-2005. With a total investment of 5740 billion, hydropower is drawing large hydropower projects and multi-purpose. Main tasks: generation (about 2009), the national electricity grid, and a power supply for Laos. In addition, hydropower offers drawing water, production, pushing salt water, flood control for downstream Ca river. Thanks to the reservoir catchment area of ​​8700 km2, containing 1700 million m3 capacity to regulate the climate, especially wind southwest; improving the environment and tourism development ... Hydropower projects are "first child" about the size of the electricity industry in Nghe An and also open the way for the construction of a number of other hydropower projects in the near future and also the leader of the challenges People do hydroelectric West Nghe.